Role Model Summit

Role Model: A role model is someone who influences and inspires others by their life choices, behavior, example and success. A role model never forgets where he/she came from and the road traveled to get to where he/she is now, never forgetting to reach back to motivate those who aspire to embark upon their own journey whatever the end goal. They live their values and are other-minded, serving to better their community. Key Characteristics of a positive role model are, honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, high moral character, loyal, humble, good listener, passionate, compassionate, motivated, dedicated, perseverance, over comer, committed, willingness to serve, influential and inspirational.

Our initiative with the Role Model Summit (RMS) is to example to the youth, successful individuals who through their journey have overcome great obstacles, to achieve ultimate success. They will inspire, motivate and empower the youth to set goals and follow their dreams while educating them regarding the disciplines and steps necessary to accomplish such. They purposefully articulate to the youth how they were once where they were and through a series of calculated decisions, were then propelled into the accomplishment of their goals and dreams. A component of the RMS initiative is to develop local mentors who will establish relationships with the youth to help determine their goals and steer them to the steps and through the path leading towards those goals.

Our role model participants are accomplished athletes and community leaders from the public and private sectors, representing many various vocations. They all have compelling stories that have a common thread of disciplines they executed to break through the barriers and reach the threshold of success in their given field. It all begins with choices, for it is ones choices that determine ones destiny and we are the sum total of those choices. Most successful people have had role models or mentors that spoke into their lives and helped to steer them down the path of accomplishment. It is these meaningful relationships that provided a powerful stimulus for their success. It is our goal to help promote a healthy, wholesome, safe community where our increasingly diverse ethnicity can coexist with a sense of interdependence and belonging with no ethnic walls to divide.